Programming environment : some backstage clues


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Tempted to set up a programming environment under Ubuntu 16.04 (18.04)(20.04)?
Here are some clues.
Each fresh install of Ubuntu or new version of wxWidgets means trouble (for me, at least).
The goal is to produce applications without too many dependencies (static mode).
Also to compile versions aimed both at Windows and Linux environments (whence the need for cross compilation).

Codeblocks is a neat IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

1) Install Code::blocks : a convenient IDE (Integrated development Environment)

To cross compile C++ you'll need some tools beyond what comes with Ubuntu

2) Get a C++ compiler allowing cross compilation (to produce Windows applications on Linux plateform).

Codebloks comes with a version of wxWidgets, but not for static makes. So you'll have to compile wxWidgets in static mode.
You'll also have to compile a separate version aimed at Windows apps for the cross compilation.

3) Compile wxWidgets versions fit for the tasks at hand.

Finally, some tinkering with codeblocks' configuration :

4) Configure codeblocks to have all this up and working.

Is everything in place ?

5) A sand box to check the whole thing

Let's go ...

I initially used the very clear page Cross Compiling wxWidgets Applications on Linux but got frustrated not to find an updated page.
This is amateur stuff, hopefully it may help someone to set up a working programming environment.
If you find errors or omissions, let me know.