A short overview of the foods software.

You may find more detailed infos in the help file that comes with the program.


Current meal.

The target (balanced C F P meal)

Previous state of the meal

The current food (whose quantity is being edited)

A food part of the current meal

Legend triangle

Representation of protein fat and carbohydrate proportions.

Foods provides an easy way to graphically balance a food intake (with carbohydrate, protein and fat proportions).
It uses a triangular representation. This way of showing proportions is convenient for foods which are a blend of three components. Each apex of the triangle stands for one of the simple foods : respectively : carbohydrate, protein and fat.
The further from an apex, the lesser the proportion of the corresponding simple food. From 100 % at the apex to 0 % when on the opposite side of the triangle.
Be aware that proportions only, appear on the triangle. On each point the C + P + F sum amounts to 100.
The meal is balanced when the point standing for the current meal reaches the target.The vitamin fibre, minerals, are not taken into account by the software. So the “balanced” meal is such only in terms of its C P F content.


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