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These softwares are amateur work distributed in the hope of being useful. Please read the disclaimercoming along the programs.


Module File Checksum (MD5)
Windows version (with installer) Aliments Windows (auto install) 8dabfc2248ff8f283756f80e82949fee
Windows version 32 bits (zipé) Aliments 32 Windows 904c8711d17a0d32489930246fe1a9c8
Windows Version 64 bits (zipé) Aliments 64 Windows 29aebb099d67a4911723c32f7ee47cfd
deb package for Linux (64 bits)((Ubuntu 14.04)) Aliments Linux 64 29bed57a149c7608aaa14a08c4f4ee77
deb package for Linux (32 bits) (Ubuntu 14.04) Aliments Linux 32 79df3c668d46b55785a259d4b086c6aa
deb package for Linux (64 bits)((Ubuntu 18.04)) Aliments Linux 64 5547fd9d4342912c8a41012e0465b9f3
Dos version (68 ko) Aliments DOS 037a1a342612ae9333fc1ddc8c6e2a3e
Sources (C++) Sources C++ 6b90e8e9b781ec993ba27f7fb157f478

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